"I don't usually talk about politics but..."

Talking about politics on the internet is awful. Opinions are
thrown around under the guise of facts, harassment is everywhere,
and social media platforms have developed into shouting matches.
Existing social media platforms lack three things:
exposure to different ideas, face-to-face interaction, and accountability.

Our Solution

A platform that enables political discussion using
live video, systematic diversity, and moderation.

The homepage of Roundtable is broken up by topic (aka tables).
In the top right corner of each table, the amount of people tuned into the debate is listed.

users then decide if they want to debate or spectate.

Once seated at a table, debaters participate via video and spectators can award good points or flag debaters.
"Good points" (upvotes) are displayed below each debater's video screen along with their time remaining.
In this screen, the debater on the right has been flagged by spectators for inappropriate content, muting him for thirty seconds.

Onboarding Package

In order to attract an initial user base, influencer boxes will be sent
to influential YouTubers who actively speak out about various issues.

Package contents: A background screen for live video, a stress ball,
a Roundtable t-shirt, and a "good point" mug that debators can raise
to signify agreement when not speaking.