NotUrFace Clothing Line

NotUrFace is a "high fashion" t-shirt company
that takes a person's face, puts it on a shirt, and sells it to a stranger.


We created a website that invites users to donate their face and buy a shirt.
Like this: Donate or buy a face at or!

How did we come up with the idea?

Fashion mogul and introvert, Jaddy Baldberg, called us up.
He just gave it to us.
No one has ever met Jaddy Baldberg in person.
That's why Jason Goldberg and I, Maddy Baldwin,
were so honored that he called us.


As a part of our April 1st launch, we released a 7 page spring/summer lookbook.
We were confident that this would put us on the map in the fashion world.

NotUrFace Three Hour Telethon

The night of our launch we held a telethon from 12-3am. We had a "Hot or Not" column, auctioned off a porcelian clown, and sold four shirts.

NotUrFace POW!

A week after our launch, we annouced NotUrFace POW!, a service similar to Amazon Now.
Customers in Richmond now have the option to have a shirt blasted through their second story window
via the patented NotUrFace Faceblaster™