In most rural areas, people cling to the idea
that hard work somehow makes people better.
That's stupid.

Hard work doesn't have to be hard.

Bobcat Claw Game

With Bobcat hard work isn't hard, it's a game.
The claw game will be used at trade shows and store fronts.
Customers can sit in a full scale model of a Bobcat and dig up prizes.

Bobcat Sandbox

Why not start a whole new generation of Bobcat fans? That's the idea behind the Bobcat Sandbox.
It's a rideable toy Bobcat excavator complete with it's own sandbox for digging.

Bobcat X Carhartt Butt Extension

The hardest part of working with a Bobcat is sitting all day,
that's why we created padded overalls to lighten the load.

Once you own a Bobcat, you'll probably want to customize it.
We created a few ways to make your Bobcat standout.

Bobcat Danglers

Due to the relative popularity of truck nuts, we're pretty sure they'll be a hit.

Bobcat Whip Flags